VA Home Loan Services

Veteran Service To Our Country

Our two primary purposes are. The first is to be sure that Neal Management members have a source of information about the VA loan San Diego limit and its benefits for home ownership. The second is to be sure that active service members and veterans have access to a knowledgeable VA Home Loan Professional to guide them through the VA Home Loan Process.

The VA loan allows veterans to finance up to 100% of the purchase price of a home without paying private mortgage insurance. In today’s marketplace, the VA loan is one of the most potent and flexible lending options. The Veterans Administration does not issue loans but instead guarantees them. The VA loan guarantee replaces the protection the lender usually receives by requiring a more substantial down payment.

Although there is no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) associated with VA loans, there is a VA Funding Fee. In most cases, the fee can be included in the investment. Since there is no PMI to pay a veteran can generally qualify for a larger credit.